Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Process Paper

History Fair: Conflict and Compromise
Process Paper

I was absolutely clueless as to picking a topic for history fair. So, I looked around for people to help me. I found one lady who was especially helpful. She and I talked about my favorite subjects. I really like science, math and video games. She said there have been many conflicts in the area of science. We discussed some of them and she mentioned the Scopes Trial. I remembered I had watched a “Brain Pop” on the Scopes Trial and I thought it was very interesting. I told her I liked the Scopes Trial idea. The lady said that a good idea is to take a national subject and being it down to a local level. My mom said I should take her advice because she had written some local history books. Mom had read one and said it was very good. I slept on this information and took that lady’s advice so my topic is “The Scopes “Monkey” Trial and the Reaction of the People of Waco, Texas.”

First, I got on the internet and looked at many secondary sources about the Scopes Trial. I read biographies about the important people. I studied timelines. I went to the public library and checked out books to read for background, I went to the video store and bought a dramatized version of the trial called ‘Inherit the Wind’ which I watched. I also looked up old newspapers on microfiche at the public library. I read the main headlines and stories from Dayton. But, my main focus was on the local editorials and views.

I chose to do a display board. First, I chose the display board because I am very visual and like to have everything laid out. I’ve done display boards and I enjoy making them. I also made a blog not for the competition because I enjoy modern technology and consider myself good at it. Go to
www.scopesmonkeytrial.blogspot.com. Besides posting the information from the display board in the site, I also have some polls, and places to write your own opinion.

“Conflicts and Compromises” relates to the Scopes Trial because of the conflict between creationism and evolution and what is the correct form of teaching. Another cool part about this is that the conflict still goes on. People are still debating whether to include creationism or evolution in science class today

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