Monday, November 19, 2007

Timeline of Evolution

13.7 Billion Years Ago
The “Big Bang”

4.5 Billion Years Ago
Life Emerged

560 B.C.
The Creation Story “Adam & Eve”
is Written

1000 B.C.
The “Six Day” Genesis Story is Written

“Origin of Species”
(theorizes the
creation of life)
by Charles Darwin
is published

“The Descent of Man”
(theorizes connection of man to apes)
by Charles Darwin
is published

“Civic Biology” textbook is written. Contains a Section on Evolution. (Tennessee decides to use this textbook.)

William Jennings Bryan (and other religious leaders) begin a campaign to ban the teaching of evolution in public schools.

January 1925
“The Butler Act”
in Tennessee
banning the
teaching of evolution

April 1925
Teacher John Scopes, using the textbook “Civic Biology” teaches a lesson on evolution

May 4, 1925
The ACLU announces it wants to challenge the “Butler Act” and
is looking for
a test case.

May 5, 1925
Dayton, Tennessee town leaders, seeking a way to increase tourism, ask John Scopes to be the ACLU’s defendant. Scopes agrees and a warrant is issued for his arrest.

May 6, 1925
ACLU announces it will assist with Scopes defense

May 13, 1925
William Jennings Bryan volunteers to help the city of Dayton prosecute Scopes

July 10, 1925
Scopes Trial Opens.
Jury Selected.

July 15, 1925
Prosecution Presents it’s Case

July 20, 1925
Defense lawyer Clarence Darrow calls prosecutor William Jennings Bryan as a witness and questions him on the meaning of the Bible and the age of the earth.

July 21, 1925
John Scopes is
found GUILTY and
fined $100.
The “Monkey Trial” comes to an end.

May 17, 1967
Tennessee Repeals the “Butler Act”

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